Our Members!

Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is a Norwich area organization with a commitment to giving back to our Community. RCC members are a diverse group, representing the communities we serve. We bring unique enthusiasm, creativity, and sustainability to each project we support.

Members of the Norwich RCC

  • Peter Charron*
  • Dan Spellman*
  • Jean Stott*
  • Dino Tudisca*
  • Gabriella Tudisca*
  • Marlene Owen*
  • Debbie White*
  • Joanne LeFrancois
  • Lucas Girard
  • Jodi Savage
  • Shiela Hayes
  • Tammy Matlock
  • Karen Vittone
  • Sherry Bryant
  • Denise Howard
  • Sheri Pascal
  • Wolf Carter
  • Talibah Domijan
  • Zechariah Stover
  • Eric Sheffield
  • Stephanie Fear
  • Tariko Satterfield
  • Desiree Desilus
  • Jerry Uttley
  • Caleb Stover
  • Carrie Palazzo
  • Laura Harrington
  • Patty Russell

*Founding Member

  • Meetings:

    Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month @ 6 PM on GoToMeeting. Please reach out if you would like to join us!

    All are welcome to stop by and learn more about what we do!

  • Meet our president

    Please feel free to reach out to our club president, Brenda McDonald, at Norwich.RCC@gmail.com